L$D Fundraiser, Ducklingmonster, Psychick Witch, Vow Cave – 24/02/2018

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To mark the occasion of the release of L$D Fundraiser’s new LP, Witness Disco, on CocoMuseRleases, come revel in the static alongside the man himself plus special guests Ducklingmonster, Psychick Witch and Vow Cave.


L$D Fundraiser (Dene Barnes) is a central figure of the southern-isle’s noisey, grinding underground scene. His prolific ‘anti-Laptop’ tape-releases of psychedelic soundscaping conjure uneasy, at times abrasive images of a distopic present. Recently vindicated following a somewhat farcical waste of time, energy and moneny, L$D Fundraiser is a must-see. “Would you feel threatened if I told you I was going to firebomb your house and car?” to which Dene responded, “Personally I wouldn’t take it as a threat because I have neither a house or a car.”

Ducklingmonster’s (Beth Dawson) dunt-loops bring the fuzz and the fun. Another foundational figure of the weird, Dawson’s combining of A and V calls to mind a fictive discotech, beyond cool, heard from a distance.

Psychick Witch is a loose-knit band of misfits who transgress all things, holy and otherwise. Helmed by Benedict Quilter, their recent release on the Sydney-based Chemical Imbalance imprint was received with glee beneath the underground.

Vow Cave transport listeners directly to another realm with their haunting, ethereal soundscapes of percussion, voice and atmospheric synthesis.


Saturday 24 February @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8.00pm
$10 / free entry with a copy of ‘Witness Disco’