Lafidki (Phnom Penh), Tlaotlon, Rosen – 6/03/15

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Lafidki is a Paris/Nancy-based solo musician with a background from Cambodia who is messing around with abstract electronics, noise and sequenced multi-layered rhythms. Playing live is for him always an experiment within the situation of spontaneous thinking and decision-making through the energy of people & space. Collaborations include the projects METRO:LIBIDO (with Imran Khan), MONOSOURCIL (with Pavel Viry, Boris Viry and Gaetan Belhenniche), Marie-Pascale Hardy (LEYLI), ABSYNTHAX with Ivan karib (MPALA GAROO), Zack Kouns and Rory hinchey, Dustin Wong (Ecstatic sunshine, Ponytail…). He is running the label Steak au zoo (Les Trucs, Electric Electric…) and organizer of a concert series for noise, experimental and free music, “GROLDEBOX”.


Tlaotlon is the “psych-techno” project of New Zealander Jeremy Coubrough, former drummer of Orchestra of Spheres and several other bands. Behind his moniker Tlaotlon, he creates a delicate hypnotic sound full of multiple layers, loopy psychedelia and glitchy, syncopated repetitive sound textures. “Psychedelia might be described as the dissolution of the apparently real that reveals the many spaces beyond, which are liberating, disturbing and paradoxically human.” He recent releases include Natural Devices (World Memory) and Ektomists (1080p).


Rosen is an electronic ambient soundscape project channelling sampled detritus.


Friday 6 March

8pm start, $10 entry



This event is co-presented by the Audio Foundation and the Physics Room.