Performance Art Week Aotearoa presents: ‘Kinetic Orality’, a workshop by Vicky Kapo – 29/04/2018

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We are pleased to be hosting one part of Kinetic Orality, a new, two-day workshop hosted by performance artist, Vicky Kapo.

Building on the success of Solo shifts / Live scores, presented by Kapo during the 2017 Performance Art Week Aotearoa Festival in Wellington, participants will develop a conversation around kinetic orality and other strategies of live performance in group and solo settings, crafting performance and performance material and extending bodies of knowledge with support and instruction from Kapo.

See a poetic description of the workshop from PAWA below:


What is it:
A space for people who like to improvise, perform and move stuff, whether it be themselves, others, objects, sounds, words, images, or beliefs.

We will develop the artful debate of provocateurs, engaging in non-judgment. We will drop attachments and desires for performance to look or sound like theatre, or dance. We will drop the counts, move the lights, discard costuming and release the ego. We will throw out the concepts and well-meaning scores. Strip the space and ourselves bare so we can embrace the naked body as if it were a foreign country. Only then will we return to the bodies we know, rebuilding our experience of performance, performer, witness, and audience member – destroying the idea of ‘performance space’ along the way.

Who is it for:
For people who like to disrupt, dance, design and distill actions in front of others.

It’s for any performance artist, budding or established, who has had the impulse to make noise, to move, to recite text, or develop live spatial forms of any type whilst in the midst of your own or some else’s performance. This includes agents, activators, agitators, political clowns, poets, and pirates. It’s for the femmpunks, softbouys, transistorises and the narrative, free and non-freed, who want to dominant, induce, be held submissive and worked until content.

You are needed here because your inquiry and your participation in this inquiry will allow everyone involved in the workshop to drop in deeper, thereby adding to the long conversation, opener; What is performance, and my place in it?


Day one – Saturday 28 April @ Wellesley Studios, 10am – 5pm
Break down. Question Engage. Perform

Day two – Sunday 29 April @ Audio Foundation, 10am – 5pm
Construct Disrupt Rebuild. Perform.


Max attendance is 20.

Ticket Prices
Waged: $150.00
Unwaged: $70.00

+3 Free Scholarship places (if you really want to attend but cannot afford it, send us a email!)


To book your place and for more information email us at