Screening: Kachkaniraqmi – an exploration of Peruvian music – 24/05/2017

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A trip through the diversity of black and native Peruvian music.

In the native Peruvian language, Quechua, the term kachkaniraqmi is used when old friends meet after a long time. It expresses the feeling that in spite of time and life, we’re still the same, we still exist, we’re still here.

Kachkaniraqmi (narrated in Spanish, Quechua and Shipibo-Conibo) is a journey to the deep Peru, to the source through its music as a way of life. A glance to its musical richness and multicultural heritage through different characters’ (all truly representatives of authentic Peruvian musical traditions) stories. It’s a film about music, tradition, nature, friendship and identity. A postcard, a musical sample of a country that still grapples with its syncretism, inequality and diversity.

This screening is part of a series of events organised to support the victims of the recent devastating floods in Peru caused by climate change.

All the money raised will be sent to Peru.

“Despite the receding water levels of inland rivers, the number of affected in Peru continue to rise, totalling over 1.3 million affected. […] More than 40,000 homes have been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable and 600,000 people across the country are facing dire food security needs.” – UN Report

Psychedelic Peruvian music and traditional kai, from the country voted best culinary destination in the world, will accompany your evening together with a panel discussion with Peruvian sound artist Irazema Vera (Puno, Peru/Tāmaki Makarau, Aotearoa) and drummer / composer Steve Cournane.

Irazema Vera is a Peruvian sound artist and music producer who has worked with some of the protagonists from Kachkaniraqmi and co-produced several albums of traditional Peruvian music while living in Lima where she was also an active member of the vibrant local music scene. Her particular interest is music traditions from the Quechua and Aymara communities in the south east of Peru, where her heritage is from.

Steve Cournane is a drummer and composer who traveled to Peru in 2007, largely motivated by his interest in the Spanish language. He was surprised to discover when he arrived that a deep culture of African influenced music existed in Lima. A fascination with these rhythms kept him there for the next seven years, where he survived largely as a jazz musician, but always studying and trying to get deeper into the Afro-Criollan music at the same time.

Wednesday 24 May @ Audio Foundation, doors open 7.00pm.
$15 donation to support those effected by the recent flooding in Peru.