John Davis (ex-Folk Implosion), Sandra Bell, Pumice – 26/06/2019

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The Audio Foundation monthly Wine Cellar showcase continues!


John Davis was half of The Folk Implosion (alongside Sebadoh’s Lou Barlow) in the ’90’s and now records and tours on his own and with a band of rotating characters based in Durham, NC, USA. His songs are lyrically dense, laying bear the shady rationalisations that support the easy life many of us experience in the developed West. Slow, stirring melodies and tension-filled arrangements operate as foils for the alarming information Davis’ imparts.

Sandra Bell is a key figure when it comes to peripheral antipodean oddities. Inspired initially by a life of rural seclusion, and further in response to time spent in the undercurrents of more populous centres, Bell’s work over many years has incorporated arty sound collage, deft song-craft and poetry all underscored by an unnameable yet specific idiosyncrasy. Her work has been released in the U.S.A., Italy, Belgium, France as well as in NZ.

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Everything Pumice owns is broken. Audience members could be forgiven for thinking he is fucking up ’till half-way through, when a perfect solo ballet of mini-cassettes, modified guitar, foot-pedal drum-kit & short-circuiting spring reverb croon coalesces. Pumice surprises with subtle mastery of broke-down sounds, slowed-down Magic Band rhythms, crumbling chord organ hymns & tragic ballads that reach deep into the very soul of Flying Nun/Xpressway/Root Don Lonie For Cash anti-pop pop music.


Wednesday 26 June @ Wine Cellar, doors 8pm
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