Jogja Noise Bombing documentary screening – 15/06/2024

screening image

Please join us for a special screening of the Jogja Noise Bombing documentary in association with Kieran Monaghan’s exhibition, Mundane Utopia.

Jogja Noise Bombing (JNB) is an open community for artists from the city of Yogyakarta who focus on experimental audio, noise, harsh noise, ambient, drone, circuit bending, and other exploratory sound forms. JNB give performances, create exhibitions, host workshops, network with noise artists around the world, and create in compilation/split albums with other noise acts.

What we know as JNB today began in 2009/2010 with artists from the rosters of two Yogyakarta-based netlabels: Ear Alert Records and Pati Rasa Records. Inspired by graffiti bombing, they started to make Noise Bombing, a performance concept of illegal guerrilla gigs in the street, which are realised by stealing public electricity (usually from parked motorcycles) to run their own small amps.

JNB have since created several projects including JNB Festival – an annual international Noise festival that usually takes place in January – and the JNB Week of workshops, exhibition, movie screenings, concerts, and discussions that revolve around the experimental noise scene. Another JNB-created event is Persami Eksperimental, which takes shape as a unique camping experience with different experimental musics and musical games / playful open participatory performances.


Saturday 15 June @ Audio Foundation
Doors 5pm – screening 5.30pm


More info about JNB here and here
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