I Become Instrument – a festival of sound and image – 15/09/2018

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I BECOME INSTRUMENT – the inaugural Aotearoa festival of artists sound and image – presented by CIRCUIT and the Audio Foundation with live performances by representatives of NZ’s four main centres – Three Chocolatiers (Auckland), Rubbish Film Unit (Dunedin), Fistkisser (Wellington) and Guillaume Cailleau (Berlin). $10 door sales only.


Three Chocolatiers features Auckland visual artists Theo MacDonald and Isabella Dampney. Says the band via email; “The 3 Chocolatiers bring melody and humour to music and a more optimistic world view that grew out of their suburban experience.” Hey, that sounds good!

Rubbish Film Unit is the Dunedin duo of Chris Schmelz and Kerian Varaine, an analogue-based film performance duo who have a long history of collaborations with experimental musicians at festivals including Dunedin’s Lines of Flight and a recent collaboration with L$D Fundraiser.

Now let’s talk about FISTKISSER. Who??? “Draped in projections of found video and animated motifs, FISTKISSER will reveal a spontaneous sonic narrative, freshly squeezed from the dreamy fruit of 80s cinematic pathos.”

Guillaume Cailleau is a Berlin-based French artist and filmmaker who is CIRCUIT’s international artist in residence for 2018-19. Experimenting with duration, multiple exposures, color separation and manually treated single images, his work is influenced by the American avant-garde and performative practices in Expanded Cinema. He has worked collaboratively with film and sound artists including Ben Russell, Werner Dafeldecker and Timo Kreuser.


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Beer can be purchased in exchange for currency printed at the opening of Guillaume Cailleau’s exhibition, WUNDERSCHEIN, opening Thursday 13 September, 5.30pm.


Saturday 15 September @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8.00pm