Fred Harrison, Projection Band, Paul Buckton + ‘Cheong Solryi’, Tom Cadillac (Feeding Frenzy Friday) – 17/07/15

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Fred Harrison – “I have a strong interest in creating frequency for healing. My years of work in the field of music, has been enhanced by new understandings of cymatics, and the power of sound and frequency from a science perspective. I work with sound as a force of creation.”

The Projection Band – Ivan Mrsic and Phill Dryson rip it up –

Paul Buckton + ‘Cheong Solryi’ (the artist formerly known as John Bell) – Next duo in the Paul Buckton series, this time featuring the enigmatic world traveller John John Trevor Bell, now known as Cheong Solryi

Tom Cadillac – psychedelic synth and light show..

KOHA entry!