Fisson Friday w. Monsters of God, Tim Coster (Australia), Thistle Group, Ben Holmes – 27/05/2016

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Please join us for another instalment of the ongoing variety night better known as Fission Friday.

This reaction will feature elements of Monsters of God, Tim Coster, Thistle Group, and Ben Holmes.

Monsters of God are ____ ______, Darryn Paterson-Harkness, Chris O’Connor.

______ ______

Darryn Paterson-Harkness (Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion) is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, video-maker, Zine publisher and installation artist. Between gigs Darryn is to be found making music at his recording studio on Upper Queen St in Auckland, the home of his band The New Telepathics. He has performed with percussion ensemble From Scratch, The Dead Flowers, Fagan and the People, The Hallelujah Picasso’s and the British band Serafin.

Chris O’Connor is a drummer, composer and educator. He appears on over 40 albums, and has performed with musicians as diverse as Don McGlashan, Neil Finn, and The Auckland Chamber Orchestra. Chris has recorded and performed music in many theatre and dance works, including: White Cloud Black Shadow (Tim Finn), and last year performed with NZDC in Rotunda touring to Holland with the company. Chris is also a member of The Phoenix Foundation and SJD.

Tim Coster, from Auckland now living in Melbourne, performs textural tape and keyboard music. He uses modular synthesizer, cassettes, and other electronics to create melodic and layered sound environments. Recent releases include the “Hovercraft” cassette released by Where To Now?, and albums for Alberts Basement, and Room 40. Forthcoming is a cassette by “Absent Outfit” a collaboration with Matthew Hopkins, and debut solo LP “Research and Motion” on US label Soft Abuse.

Thistle Group is the musique-cal solo project of Auckland’s Claire Mahoney.

Ben Holmes is an Auckland based artist whose practice incorporates music/sound, video and performance. His work often draws on common pre-rational sound devices and effects that permeate everyday culture as a springboard for setting up different kinds of experiential ‘games’. He commonly incorporates different forms participation – or suggested participation within varying game set ups.

Facilitated by Audio Foundation, Fission Fridays bring performers together in unlikely combinations. Through juxtaposition, these session aim to catalyse exciting and unfamiliar arrangements and sequences!

We would warmly encourage anyone interested in participating in Fission Friday to be in touch via email –

Friday 27 May @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8pm
$10 on the door // no presales

Tim Coster

Thistle Group

Ben Holmes (w. Drorgan)