Jameson Feakes & Josten Myburgh (Aus.), sl, Ligeia – 8/12/2017

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Jameson Feakes & Josten Myburgh are Perth-based musicians active in contemporary, experimental and improvised music practices. As a duo, their focus is on the composition & performance of music that explores conceptual, open-ended approaches with minimal material. In 2016 they were part of the lineup for the Tilde New Music Festival in Melbourne, Victoria, for which they composed new work ‘a window in Sicily’, and they gave Western Australian premieres of works from the Wandelweiser Collective. They have also performed in unorthodox performance contexts—onboard the installation ‘RAFT’ afloat on Perth’s Swan River, and in public parks, house concerts, and on beaches. Their current performance program consists of extended new commissioned works from composers Jonathan Heilbron, Simon Charles & Olivia Davies, which received their first performances as part of the duo’s tour to Adelaide and Melbourne with artists from their record label Tone List.



SL – minimal electronics from MF/MP label squire.


Ligeia – Dark n droney


Friday 8 December @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8.00pm