DiscoTex – An e-textile music interface performance – 10/10/2019


French e-textile artist and designer Maurin Donneaud will give a performance to showcase six new compositions made for the E256 audio-textile interface.

The performance concludes Maurin’s four-week residency at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) where he has been the 2019 Te Ataata artist in residence. In collaboration with staff and students Maurin has been exploring music composition and textile design using the E256 controller he invented to make e-textiles accessible and affordable.

Maurin has focused on combining the tactile properties of textiles with graphic scores and music composition to explore new methods of expression, new forms of composition and new approaches to music and performance.

Each E256 audio-textile interface is made out of a multi-touch pressure sensing textile surface, it allows a new approach to music composition. Designed and developed by Maurin over several years, the hardware features a low-cost, easy to make, open source and open hardware solution. All electronics and audio processing are embedded, providing low latency and removing the need for a computer screen during performances.

Maurin Donneaud is an artist and designer specialised in interaction design and physical computing, he develops projects at the intersection of art, crafts and technology. www.etextile.org

Thursday 10 October

The Te Ataata Residency is a joint initiative between AUT and the French Embassy in New Zealand, with the support of Institut Français. The programme allows for a French creative practitioner to be hosted at AUT and aims to develop collaborations and initiatives between the two countries.