CUTTS, Psykick Witch, File Folder, SF (Sean O’Reilly) – 7/10/2016


CUTSS is the live manifestation of Auckland-based video producer, artist, and musician SJ (The Coolies). Inspired by exploratory and experimental approaches to the medium, SJ uses live performances as CUTSS to further explore sound and vision with projections and mixed media.

Psykick Witch is thee process by which a love undying can be performed sonically for her in her infinite wisdom. Guitars unstringed play the music ov thee mind’s eye.

File Folder: Robert and Beth talk loudly over an ironing board.

Fresh off a reunion tour with King Loser and a confronting set during the Altmusic, Deep Days, Listening Nights fest., Sean O’Reilly picks up where left off.

Friday 7 October @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8pm
$10 on the door // no presales


Phsykick Witch

File Folder