CROSS MODAL 3: Kim Pieters, Ducklingmonster, Isabella Dampney & Theo MacDonald – 22/06/2021


Audio Foundation and Te Uru present:
Cross Modal 3: Moving images at Lopdell House Theatre
Tuesday 22 June, 7pm, free entry
Free shuttle running from AF at 6pm – book a spot via email:

Please join us for an evening of projected moving images and sounds featuring work by

Kim Pieters
Isabella Dampney & Theo MacDonald

In collaboration with underground musicians (Kraus, The Futurians, Sheet Sweater, Purple Pilgrims, Hawkland, File Folder, Maltese Falcons, Ducklingmonster, Embedded Figures, Piece War), Tāmaki Makaurau’s Ducklingmonster responds to an array of distinctive sonic propositions with her signature aesthetic sensibility and visual style. Magnet, a film by Ōtepoti artist, Kim Pieters, presents viewers with visual and aural experiences of scale, density and affect, in which sonic and visual materials are at once minimal, meditative and powerful in their effect. And in The Virgin is Filthy Her Mantle is Scuffed/Bart in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction we find the playful approach to musical and sonic practice of artists, Isabella Dampeny and Theo MacDonald, translating suitably to the screen.

Across these three projects the variety of ways in which audio and video reinforce one another can be seen and heard.

Kim Pieters, Magnet
Ducklingmonster, Haunted Music TV
Isabella Dampeny and Theo MacDonald, The Virgin is Filthy Her Mantle is Scuffed/Bart in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction


Ducklingmonster (Beth Dawson) is an audio-visual artist from Onehunga, Auckland–Tāmaki Makaurau, New Zealand–Aotearoa. She has been a pivotal figure within Aotearoa’s underground musical ecosystem for close on 20 years. During this time she has developed a unique approach to audiovisual experimental practice which she has applied in a staggering array of groups including The Futurians, File Folder, Rise of City Cat Cult, Zombie!Fuck?, Ghastlies, Octopus, It Hurts, Maltese Falcons, Evidence X, Murdering Monsters, and many more. Additionally, Dawson is an accomplished painter, zine- and film-maker. 

In addition to her well known work as an abstract painter, Kim Pieters has for many years also produced photographs, improvisational film and music from her Dunedin studios. Her audiovisual films initially developed as an intuitive merging of her interest in the moving photographic image and abstract sound and remain within that domain. The usual cinematic action/reaction relationship is often absent, but this does not mean that a relationship does not exist. The pace has a tendency to be very slow and the resulting effect is contemplative, often very beautiful.

Theo Macdonald and Isabella Dampney are artists, writers and musicians currently based in Tāmaki Makerau. Using performance, autobiography and found footage, their work examines the symbiotic relationship between late 20th century American media and individual iconography. Dampney and Macdonald’s video works perch between performance and moving image; the artists aren’t merely documenting their performance works, they were always intended to be recordings.



Tuesday 22 June @ Lopdell House Theatre, doors open 6.30pm
FREE with a shuttle running from AF at 6pm // book a shuttle seat via email: