CROSS MODAL 2: Audiovisual performances at the Audio Foundation – 28/05/2021

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Cross Modal: Audiovisual Sonic Art
26 May – 26 June

Across live performance, exhibition, and film screening, Cross Modal presents a variety of projects which draw connections between sound and moving image. Cross Modal is a project motivated by an understanding that what is heard and what is seen are related. Works presented here occupy a space of interference, fermentation and inter-influence, with each avenue of perception feeding into the other.

With work by Ary Jansen, Benedict Quilter, Chris Schmelz, Ducklingmonster, Isabella Dampney, Kim Pieters, Luke Shaw, Scott Flanagan, Theo McDonald



Cross Modal 2: Audiovisual performances at the Audio Foundation
Friday 28 May, 8pm

For the second night of live Cross Modal performances, recently returned multimedia, multi-disciplinary artistic duo, Isabella Dampeny and Theo MacDonald, debut their newest live performance project, LONDON DRUGS. Additionally, Audio Foundation Artist in Residence, Chris Schmelz, presents cinema as you’ve seldom considered it, exploding preconceptions through the inversion of perceptual priority and expanded techniques and “anti-proper use” of projection equipment.

LONDON DRUGS produce noise as a cinematic scrapbook, using digital samples and improvisational parody to demonstrate their lack of musical skill. They have released three albums on Bandcamp, two of which they like, and are currently learning to play the electric guitar.

Chris Schmelz is an interdisciplinary artist from Koputai/Port Chalmers, Ōtepoti/Dunedin, predominantly working with analog film and sound. Chris has performed nationally and internationally as part of the long-running experimental film/expanded cinema group, Rubbish Film Unit, and in collaboration with a number of other artists and musicians. His work embraces visual aesthetics usually associated with lack of film care, technical mistakes or mechanical malfunction, utilizing found, forgotten, and hand-processed celluloid film.


Friday 28 May @ The Wine Cellar, doors open 8pm


Full Programme

Wednesday 26 May, 8pm
Cross Modal 1: Audiovisual performances at the Wine Cellar
With: Ducklingmonster, Luke Shaw (Ōtautahi) / P Wits
More info here:

Thursday 27 May – Saturday 26 June
Cross Modal At the Audio Foundation
With: Ary Jansen, Chris Schmelz, Luke Shaw, Scott Flanagan
More info here:

Friday 28 May, 8pm
Cross Modal 2: Audiovisual performances at the Audio Foundation
With: Chris Schmelz, LONDON DRUGS
More info here:

Tuesday 22 June, 7pm
Cross Modal 3: Moving images at Lopdell House
With: Ducklingmoster, Kim Pieters, Isabella Dampney & Theo MacDonald
(Presented in partnership with Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery)
More info to come

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