Cath Cocker Artist Talk – 8/06/2024

cath cocker artist talk

Cath Cocker introduces her exhibition ‘A Centre for the Subatomic Particles’ and interviews philosopher/scientist Ray Tomes regarding the declining insect population and the impact this has on our birdlife, fauna, and environment.

Sat 08 June – 1pm – Audio Foundation

Cath Cocker is a mixed media artist whose work seeks to elicit strong feelings or emotion from the viewer. In her explorations of points of conflict between cultures and peoples, Cocker’s practice is weighted in narratives that stem from the English colonisation of the Pacific, with these underlying concepts often influencing their selection of use of materials such as bronze, corrugated iron alongside sound and light.

Enclosed by a cedar frame, light passes through coloured acrylic panels inspired by the spectrographic renderings of acoustic biologist Dr. Samuel David Hills. Between these panels, strips of zinc note the arrhythmic pauses in song. Employing zinc, this work alludes to the decorative style of Pressed Tin ceilings – a style of ceiling decoration common in colonial-era houses of the 19th and 20th centuries – where it was often used as a corrosion resistant alternative for tin (with the Tin Pressed style itself being developed as a more affordable alternative to plaster moulding).

An unceasing pendulum swings between dimensions. In It’s Hard to Fathom the Unfathomable, This Mortal Coil Pīwakawaka fountains sit between the light and the darkness just as the small bird flits between the realms of life and death. Determining that there is a difference is perhaps the biggest illusion we face. That thought is the beginning is uncertain; that music as our last memory is a definite signal of our physical demise and inevitable end. Time, a constant in the background, dripping, the weight of it inferred by placement, by the space it possesses.

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