Callum Passells presents LCR! w/Shape of a Mouth, Kat and Lukas – 12/03/2020

LCR calllum

Multi-instrumentalist/composer Callum Passells presents music for three new bands at once! Inspired by the work of Henry Threadgill, Sly and the Family Stone, and Phil Dadson, these brand new compositions pit three identical trios against each other, allowing new possibilities for collaboration and intense competition. Scorecards will be handed out for the audience to judge the Best Trio™ of the night – bragging rights only. Come and help us find the sweet spot between cacophony and unity.

LCR! (or, Left Centre Right) refers to the switches on mid-century recording consoles, where audio could be routed through the left, right, or both speakers to create a stereo image.

Left Channel
Sean Martin-Buss – alto saxophone
Tom Dennison – upright bass
Adam Tobeck – drums

Centre Channel
Callum Passells – alto saxophone
Eamon Francis Edmundson Edmundson-Wells – upright bass
Ron Samsom – drums

Right Channel
Benjamin Sinclair – alto saxophone
Mostyn Cole – upright bass
Tristan Deck – drums

LCR! is supported by the immense talents of:

Kat and Lukas
Kathleen Tomacruz – guitar
Lukas Fritsch – saxophone

The Shape of a Mouth
Hermione Johnson – prepared piano
Ro R-g – saxophone/violin/etc

Bring open ears and open wallets – $10/5 on the door
Doors at 8PM, Audio Foundation
Poster by Chelsea Prastiti