Bruce Russell & Marco Fusinato – 24/06/2016


We are wringing our hands with anticipation knowing that Bruce Russell (Dead C, A Handful of Dust) and Marco Fusinato (Australia) will soon be reinventing the electric guitar here, live in Auckland!

For these two artists, the guitar is a means to unfettered self-realisation. They describe their method as a “Year Zero guitar technique.” They approach the instrument like a power-tool; as a means to make noise. These guys aren’t axemen, and their method may well be more familiar to anyone who has ever used a chainsaw.

Bruce Russell is a public academic who has been unforgivingly ‘putting rock music to the question’ since 1987 with such groups as the Dead C and A Handful of Dust. Described by international experts as ‘the Jimi Hendrix of no technique’, his approach to working with sound is brutal, but guarantees results.

Marco Fusinato is a highly regarded contemporary artist, whose cross-disciplinary work encompasses most imaginable media: including sound. As well as working in gallery contexts Fusinato has refined a language of noise-guitar disaster arriving at a sound comparable to Napalm Death brawling with Gustav Courbet.

Friday 24 June @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8pm
$20 on the door // presales $15 from UTR –

Marco Fusinato