Brent Hayward film screenings: MONDO FEASTO Film Festival – 21/07/12 and 28/07/12


Brent Hayward film screenings – MONDO FEASTO Film Festival
21 & 28 July, 2012
at Audio Foundation HQ
These are the first time any of these films have been shown in New Zealand since 1989 (Slick) the police pulled out the director from the audience!! After attending his own screening with zero pants on!!!

And the rest since 1999!!!

In the first programme (21 July), SLICK, RIM, Rugger Buggers,The Mondo Feast – these are largely quick fire shorts films, some very short . One of these films is thee longest clocking in at just under 15 minutes – Uranian Folk Film, but most of the films in this first programme are two minutes or less, one is ten seconds.

The second programme (28 July) features Johnny Barcode, which was remixed and re-edited in France late last year, plus the award winning Manawanui, and Ward 9 c @ 3:am, these films are just a little longer 13 minutes, seven and a half minutes and one min ute, plus the Smelly Feet Fruit and Veges Film clip two minutes. and some other short eeeeeezzzz

A film screening in Melbourne 2000 e.v. was promptly stopped by the venue owner which gave Hayward V. good street cred. But unfortunately even Australians former Arts capitol has not witnessed a full programme like lucky kiwi movie lovers will get to witness in the flesh!!!!! here at the Audio Foundation Head Quarters.

Hayward’s still radical image and sound designed short film “Slick” was referenced in the Hollywood made movie starring Nick Cage “8 1/2” in the scene which features Joaquin Phoenix.

It has screened widely in the sub cultural underground film circuits of San Fransisco, New York, Chicago, France, Brussels, Canada and repeatedly in the German cities of Berlin, Stuttgart, & Dusseldorf, these screenings were handled by the German/Hollywood/ Porno producer Jurgen Brunning, whom observed that “where ever I get to see SLICK playing I get a hard on.” Seven Brent Hayward still laughs at this when putting on Jurgens Germanic voice. Interesting to note that SLICKwas kicked out of the video post production house IMAGES even before editing had began.

SLICK was edited under the cloak of night. The cost? One bottle of single malt whiskey.
Sound design was composed by Hayward and Alan Janseen (producer/co writer, How Bizarre, Sisters Underground, etc). Using latest cutting edge technology.
“Ward Nine C @ 3 AM” was shot on inexpensive super 8 home movie film stock, processed in Dallas Texas, Where JFK died, Digitized back in NZ then heavily infected with Digi-Posts “Inferno” MACHINE which usually only gets treated by McDonald’s, or Ford motor company ad executives. Ward 9 C was invited and awarded to screen at the prestigious Sydney Biennial cutting edge digital video from the world in 2000.

Hayward’s Film “Manawanui” won over Australian audiences and judges in 1997. By winning the Australia’s Biggest film competition, My Queer Career, and the Stephen Cumin’s award, with a bag full of Australian Cash Cash Cash.

Manawanui went onto Italy and is rumored to have been screened very near the vault where Jesus Christs foreskin is allegedly being kept in a glass coffin.

This screening is a part of the Hayweird Film Festival. Taking place at Audio Foundation HQ on 21 July and 28 July 2012, 7pm start. Please bear in mind that the 21 July screening features transgressive content (sex, violence, etc) and is thus R18.