Franziska Baumann (Switzerland), Alexandra Hay (USA), Bonehead/Kraus/Dryson, 3/02/2016

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alex hay 01OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAalex hay 03alex hay 04alex hay 05franziska baumann 01franziska baumann 02franziska baumann 03franziska baumann 04franziska baumann 05franziska baumann 06franziska baumann 08franziska baumann 07franziska baumann 09franziska baumann 10baumann and hay

Franziska Baumann is pioneer in extended vocal technique and interdisciplinary performance, whose work at the intersection of voice, gesture, space and sound weaves together new modes of perception, vocal creation and theatricality. As a vocalist, Baumann explores the human voice as a multi-faceted instrument, expanding traditional boundaries through the incorporation of electronics, video, interdisciplinary visual arts and literature. She has developed an extensive vocabulary of experimental and extended vocal techniques such as multiphonics and glottal clicks and a variety of unique microtonal timbre-modifications, and percussive vocal techniques.

Alexandra Hay is a composer, sonic artist and teacher based in San Fransisco and Auckland. Her work explores processes of gradual transformation through the unfolding of figures, timbres, and resonances, that converge and disperse. Alex will present a new interactive electronic opera-game.

Baumann and Hay will be supported by the trio Bonehead/Kraus/Dryson (Andrew McMillan (coded body motion capture electronic instrument), Kraus (analogue synth) and Phill Dryson ( electric guitar).

Wednesday 3 February @ Audio Foundation, doors 8pm
$10 on the door // no presales

Franziska Baumann

Alexandra Hay