Avoid! Avoid / Saucertronix / Aspects of Trees – 23/05/14


Avoid! Avoid play krautrock inspired psychospheric drone and are Sonya Waters (Fang/White Swan Black Swan), Stephen Reay (the Subliminals/the Haints of Dean Hall) and Brendan Moran (the Subliminals/Hasslehoff Experiment).

Saucertronix is the solo project for Alan Holt, 1/2 of free form experimental rock duo White Saucer. A melange of psychedelic noise, freeform dub experiments and carefully considered mistakes.

Aspects of trees is a sound and video Performance by Teresa Connors and Andrew Denton with live guitar improvisation by Stephen Reay. Aspects of Trees is one of a series of ongoing projects by Teresa Connors and Andrew Denton that assemble a range of moving image and sonic experiments, which records and then responds to changes in the ecology. The subjects of this live performance screening are the escalating pine beetle epidemics that have decimated forests on the West Coast of North America. Aspects of Trees seeks to operate in a more poetic or affective register as a tactic for opening up dialogue around anthropogenic climate change.

Friday 23 May

8pm start

$5 entry

Audio Foundation