An audience with Rashad Becker – (1/05/2018)

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Please join us in conversation with special guest, Rashad Becker. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear one the world’s leading voices in electronic music discuss his artistry, ethos and approach when dealing with recorded sound.


Rashad is renowned for his attention to detail, and for the scope of his output as a masting and cutting engineer at Basic Channel’s Berlin studio, Dubplates and Mastering. As of 2017, Becker’s name appears in the credits of close to 1700 of the most renowned underground techno, dub and experimental releases. His incisive attention to detail and expansive mindset when it comes to the capture and manipulation of sound has seen him work his magic for artists such as Burnt Friedman, Ryoji Ikeda, Richie Hawtin , Ricardo Villalobos, Roman Flügel and Jan Jelinek, among hundreds of others (see a partial list below).

As an artist in his own right, Becker’s recent suite of solo records for PAN, Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. 1 & 2, have been meet with acclaim – heralded as beacons for contemporary electronics.

This is a rare occasion to hear from a living legend of music production – the voice behind a singular artistic vision.


Tuesday 1 May @ Audio Foundation, from 7.00pm


Since 1995, Rashad has been a mastering and cutting engineer at Basic Channel’s Dubplates & Mastering Studio in Berlin. His name is synonymous with sonic brilliance, and appears in the credits on more than a thousand releases.

Here is a partial list:

Pete Swanson
Stefan Goldmann / Finn Johannsen
Yasunao Tone
Oren Ambarchi / Keiji Haino / Jim O’Rourke
Russell Haswell
Fabio Selvafiorita / Valerio Tricoli
Anthony Pateras
André Vida
Laurel Halo
Keiji Haino / Zeitkratzer
The Body
Oren Ambarchi
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Klara Lewis
Holly Herndon
Lasse Marhaug / Merzbow
Justice Yeldham
Sir Richard Bishop
Ben Vida
Bill Orcutt
Kevin Drumm
Jamie Lidell
Alva Noto
Florian Hecker