AMBIENT TELEVISION No.4 – 07/12/2022

Ambient TV 4 WEB

Ambient Television No.4


Ambient Television is a series of artist video screenings organised by Theo Macdonald and The Audio Foundation. The project stems from a desire to see broader opportunities for video artists to exhibit and an awareness that not all video practices are suited to the (currently) dominant looping installation model.

Each screening has presented four to ten short video pieces for a seated audience. For the first screening, specific artists were approached and invited to show recent work. For the July, September, and December screenings, work by invited artists have been interspersed with pieces sourced through a rolling submission process, details of which were included in previous promotional materials.

The year’s final Ambient Television screening will take place on Wednesday, December 7th, from 6 pm. Come along! It’s sure to be a terrific night, with a blend of fresh and friendly artists screening their videos. Featuring works by Hana Pera Aoake, Shelton Bray, Isabella Dampney, Kaitlin Dedman, Indira Neville, Deborah Rundle & more.


Wednesday 7 Decemeber @ Audio Foundation
Doors open 6pm, screening begins at 6.15pm sharp