Alex MacKinnon, Iced Out, Octopus – 10/02/12

Alex MacKinnon, Iced Out, Octopus

Alex MacKinnon, Iced Out, Octopus
10 February, 2012
On his return trip to NZ, on something of a last minute micro tour to coincide with an installation at Wellington City Gallery, Mackinnon will be deciding between the profane and the glacial in heavy and ornate sonic cavities… live!
“Known for his transcendental approach to the guitar as expanded instrument, MacKinnon’s solo performance folds the mechanical, the electronic, the broken into a space both graceful and harsh, the sliding volume and tonality amounting to electrifyingly engaged listening spaces which read sound history without collapsing its immediacy and sensual potential.”

ICED OUT is an intermittent bedroom production project of Oliver van der Lugt (Glacial Picnic, Clubfoot, Pro Team, IDM, etc), currently based in Melbourne. For the Audio Foundation show ICED OUT will deliver a juke inflected glacial abstraction of a recent track, in homage to Wolfgang Voigt’s GAS.

Last Octopus show! before Liz-o-pus swims deep
“Octopus make exciting, unpretentious music that calls on the popular tradition of metal, not the muted modishness of the art school. This band has revolutionary energy. Going to an Octopus gig can be intimidating — the two musicians (Liz Matthews on drums, Beth Dawson on guitar) play at a deafening volume. But as demonstrated on Black Ink, this volume and exuberance isn’t deployed meaninglessly: many of Octopus’s songs are tales, novelistic pieces, rock operas without any loss of primitive energy, yet with the opera’s emotional space. Octopus plumb the depths of tradition to build a bed of noise, but their poetic vision is levitated far above the surface of the sea” M Savage