AF WORKSHOP SERIES #1 – Pure Data (Pd) with Andrew McMillan – 22/05/2016

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We are very pleased to kick off our Workshop Series with the help of Andrew McMillan.

For this workshop, Andrew will cover the basics of working with ‘Pure Data’, a freeware application which participants will be assisted in using to create their own sound-synthesising software.

Pure Data (aka Pd) is an open source visual programming language and is an excellent way to create your own personalised sound making tools, instruments, and/or visual projections.

In addition to its being free to download, part of what makes Pd so appealing for musicians, visual artists, performers, and researchers is that it allows the graphic development of software, i.e. developing your own digital tools without writing lines of code.

Participants will need to download pure data extended here –– and may benefit from quickly consulting the tutorial from which Andrew will be working that can be accessed here –

Best (but not mandatory) if participants can bring their own computer.

McMillan is dedicated improviser on saxophone and laptop computer, and an accomplished sound artist with experience composing for theatre, film/tv & dance, as well as directing and composing for various groups. His work combines a commitment to improvised music, theatre and sound art and design with ongoing studies in composition. McMillan’s interests have led him to work with Pacific music and instruments, electronics, in dance projects, theatre, film, and for big bands, orchestra, large and small improvised ensembles, interdisciplinary improvisation, art installations and interactive technologies.

As a performer, Andrew has worked with some of the world’s foremost experimentalists –Keith Rowe, Veryan Weston, Alex Nowitz, Viv Corringham, Paal Nilssen-Love, Jim Denley, Anthony Donaldson– as well as with Aotearoa’s finest –Phil Dadson, Jeff Henderson, Hermione Johnson, Greg Malcolm, Chis O’Connor, Richard Nunns, Reuben Derrick, Joe McCullum, Pat Kraus, Paul Buckton & Darren Hannah.

And he has composed pieces for New Pacific Music Ensemble, 10 acre Blok, 175 East, New Zealand, NZ Clarinet Quartet, Johnny Chang, the committee, Auckland Jazz Orchestra.

He holds the following qualifications –
• Masters in Composition (1st class), University of Auckland School of Music
• Honours in Composition (1st class), University of Auckland School of Music
• Postgraduate certificate in Jazz, Contemporary and Popular Music, Leeds Collage of Music United Kingdom
• Diploma in Jazz Studies, Christchurch Jazz School

Sunday 22 May @ Audio Foundation, 2pm
$10 per person