A walking artist talk and printing workshop with Beth Hilton – 8/08/2020

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In association with her exhibition, Pyrrha, Beth Hilton invites interested viewers to join a guided tour exploring themes and methods which have contributed to her recent suite of works.

During this walking artist talk, Beth will discuss the processes behind making the works, expanding on the how’s and why’s of her art making.


Participants will be invited to think differently about how spaces can be documented, considering specifically the textures of specific spaces within the Audio Foundation. Attendees will have the opportunity to experiment with the frottage technique (French: rubbing), observing and recording different surfaces within the Audio Foundation basement.
Beth will demonstrate, with examples, how different textures can be printed using the silver gelatine process (employed in making the works included in the exhibition)  the contact technique, and the “negative” impressions made by participants can then be used to make a contact-print which can be taken as a souvenir.


Saturday 8 August @ Audio Foundation, from 1pm
Free // donations welcomed