Te Kupu – Ngātahi – Know the Links (4/08/2016 – 30/08/2016)

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Please join us at the AF Gallery for the opening of Te Kupu’s ‘Ngātahi – Know the Links’, a six-part film tracing one man’s experiences over 10 years.


Over six dvds totalling 520 minutes, Ngātahi – Know the Links takes viewers on a musical journey through cities and settlements across Canada, U.S.A., France and Colombia (Part 1); Jamaica, Cuba, Australia, Hawai’i, Colombia and Aotearoa (Part 2); U.S.A., Mexico, and Canada (Part 3); South Africa, Tanzania and Tahiti (Part 4); Palestine, Ireland and Philippines (Part 5); Hungary, Serbia, Brazil, China and finally to New York (Part 6).

Ngātahi means to stand together, to be as one and to act in unison. It draws attention to linkages between people and places, to shared circumstances and to often under-recognised connections … In each of the places Te Kupu visits through Ngātahi, people are not only expressing their situations and challenging their marginalisation but they are also finding new ways of living that refuse to be limited by circumstance.

Francis Collins, Ngātahi – Know the Links

The connections that Te Kupu has established through this journey demonstrate the breadth and depth of Hip Hop culture across the planet, and attest to its status as perhaps the most sustained form of alter-globalisation. Within the diversity of voices and narratives, Te Kupu, a.k.a. Dean Hapeta, a.k.a. D Word of Aotearoa crew Upper Hutt Posse, emerges as agent provocateur, the author of a manifesto presented as hip-hop concept album.


In relation to this exhibition, Upper Hutt Posse will perform at Auckland’s Wine Cellar on Friday 4 July w. The Coolies.
Doors open 9pm.
Tickets from URT – www.undertheradar.co.nz/utr/ticket


www.audiofoundation.org.nz/live-events for more information


www.elsewhere.co.nz/music/3380/te-kupu-ko-te-matakahi-kupu-kia-kaha/ for more info about Te Kupu and ‘Ngātahi’.


Te Kupu’s Ngātahi – Know the Links
Opens Thursday 4 August, 5.30pm, with refreshments provided by Liberty Brewing!
Gallery open 12 – 4pm, Tuesday – Saturday.
Closes Saturday 27 August 4.00pm.