Sam Longmore – I Hear (5/06/14 – 26/06/14)

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I Hear presents a series of listening experiences which endeavour to problematise and celebrate the processes and products of audio-recording. A run of custom lathe-cut records, never before played, degrade as they revolve, their use as functioning representation of recorded sound gradually diminishing their fidelity and potential for further use, while a four channel sound sculpture transports the affective sounds of the city into the gallery where they pan through and around the space, mimicking how they might be experienced in their original form.

While highlighting the gap between a sonic-event-recorded and the sonic-event as it might have existed originally, I Hear also posits the recordings in the show be as events in their own right; facsimiles so far removed from their originals that they, in the context of their presentation, become originals.

Samuel Longmore is currently working towards an MFA from Elam School of Fine Arts having completed his undergraduate studies at art schools in Dunedin, Prague and Utrecht. His research considers the relationship between phenomenology of aural perception, architecture, soundscapes and georgraphy.

Accompanying text by Sally Ann McIntyre read it here

Special thanks to CNZ and Becks for their support.

Opening Thursday 5 June

Lathe Listening evening – Thursday 26 June

Runs until Saturday 28 June