Robbie Pattinson – FerroChord (21/04/2021– 22/05/2021)

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FerroChord is a novel musical instrument, installed as a spatialised multi-sensory work which focuses on the synthesis of electromagnetic string excitation with mechatronic tuning systems. As an instrument FerroChord seeks to subvert the typical perception of electronic music by removing the loudspeaker from the equation; producing sonics through purely ‘acoustic’ methods. Ferromagnetic feedback loops are utilised to cause nickel strings to oscillate at various cascading pitches. Listeners are encouraged to explore the space and find their personal acoustic ‘sweet-spot’.


Robbie Pattinson is a multi-faceted sonic artist whose work lies in between the worlds of music production, performance, luthiery and mechatronics. Having recently completed a Bachelor of Commercial Music at at College of Creative Arts, Massey his focus is on the development of mechatronic instrumentation and how novel devices can expand the potential for musical expressivity. His works seek to synthesise these worlds and heighten audience perception beyond the typical realm of experience.


Opens: Wednesday 21 April, 5.30pm (with refreshments from Liberty Brewing Company)
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 4pm
Closes: Saturday 22 May