Onowonow: Documents of Dunedin’s Musical Underground, 2009-2016 (8/12/2016 – 17/12/2016)


For the final exhibition of 2016, we will be showing a series of short documentary films taken from the ever-increasing archive of Dunedin resident Arron Clark.


Shot in an effort to preserve the ebbs and flows of Aotearoa’s southern-most city, Clark’s documents present snippets from Dunedin’s underground musical community in a suitably flickering light, somewhere between documentary and fractured memory – as he himself is quick to note, ‘the camera lies’. In its rejection of divisions based on genre, style, fashion, or popularism, the Onowonow archive represents an invaluable and contemporary document of the recent rumbles of a hyper-fertile (if chilly) pocket of irrepressible creativity.


After relocating to Dunedin 12 years ago, Arron Clark has played a quiet but pivotal role in the creative communities it fosters, both as documentarian and active performer. Drawn to what he describes as a ‘diy aesthetic’ in both film-making and music, Clark’s approach is creative and inclusive, accepting of all perspectives and genres. In addition to his audible and moving-image output, Clark is an ardent animal rights activist who also turns his hand to drawing and painting.


Onowonow: Documents of Dunedin’s Musical Underground, 2009-2016
Opens Thursday 8 December, 5.30pm, with refreshments provided by Liberty Brewing!
Gallery open 12 – 4pm, Tuesday – Saturday.
Closes Saturday 17 December 4.00pm.