Jason Wright – an Artifact of Mass (8/09/2016 – 1/10/2016)

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Jason Wright’s installation an Artifact of Mass extends beyond its individual components. It is the third in a series of object integrated sound installations, and builds upon concepts and processes setup in Black Series I & II.


an Artifact of Mass is comprised of speakers and other sound emitters which are distributed throughout the two main exhibition spaces of the Audio Foundation. These speakers act doubly as sculptural objects and sound-producers in relation to an array of painted panels mounted along the walls. The substance, colour, texture, depth of these paintings is mirrored both physically and audibly as the viewer navigates through three distinct speaker systems which transmit a soundscape made up of vocal, mechanical, organic physical materials.


Jason Wright is a Wellington-based composer and sound artist working across dance, theatre, film and installation. Wright is a graduate of the New Zealand School of Music, holding a Master of Music in Sonic Arts and Composition.

Creator and curator of the Low Noise Exhibition series, Parliament 2013, Toi Poneke 2015; these group shows also featured his latest sound works Installation for Inward and Outward Facing Speaker Cones and Black Series. Other recent sound installation work includes, Jukebox at the Adam Art Gallery 2011; Interview with Mute, Matchbox Gallery 2012; a collaborative installation When Bertha Sings, Nyco Chocolate factory 2013; Black Series II, The Auricle 2015; sound design for Muscle Mouth’s multi-media installations Tiger and Another Garden at Enjoy Gallery 2015 and his latest work an Artifact of Mass, Audio Foundation, 2016.

See; www.jasonwcomposer.com


Jason Wright’s an Artifact of Mass
Opens Thursday 1 September, 5.30pm, with refreshments provided by Liberty Brewing!
Gallery open 12 – 4pm, Tuesday – Saturday.
Closes Saturday 1 October 4.00pm.