Citacsy D & Marija Dimitrijevic, Nava Tekela-Pule & Larsen Taylor, Tom Cadillac – 28/04/2021


On the last Wednesday of every month at the Wine Cellar, The Audio Foundation presents a mountain climb of aspirational, inspirational, misfinational sound and music by old hands and new feet… April features:

TOM CADILLAC – synths, flashing lights, words, thumb pianos and more from penguin guardian Tom Cadillac

CITACSY D & MARIJA DIMITRIJEVIC – drones, field recordings and psycho-electrocutioneering meets violin and bow!

NAVA TEKELA-PULE & LARSEN TAYLOR- Nava and his Grandmother of cyclic circuitous circuitry with banging taptap bishbish by Larsen.

Wednesday 28 April @ Wine Cellar doors open 8PM
$10 at the door // presale tickets available from