2014 Artist In Residence: Kraus


Audio Foundation Winter Residency Announced – Kraus

The Audio Foundation is pleased to announce that Kraus (aka Pat Kraus) will be artist in residence at the Audio Foundation from 4 to 18 August 2014. The AF Residency provides NZ artists with the opportunity to make work in a context free of traditional day-to-day pressures, to focus on their work for a sustained two-week period in August 2014. The goal of the AF Residency Programme is to support outcomes in the form of adventurous and well realised new sound-related work presented to the public.

For this residency Kraus will work on new solo recordings, and on the development of the Musical Electronics Library (MEL) which will launch in early September 2014, to be hosted on-site at the Audio Foundation.

Kraus is an Auckland musician with over fifteen years of experience as a composer,‭ ‬multi-instrumental performer,‭ ‬sound engineer and instrument builder.‭ ‬He has released over a dozen recordings on local and international labels,‭ ‬including the LPs‭ ‘Supreme Commander‭’ (‬Moniker Records,‭ ‬USA,‭ ‬2012‭) ‬and‭ ‘Faster than the Speed of Time‭’ (‬Dilettante Courtoisie,‭ ‬France,‭ ‬2010‭)‬.‭ ‬He has been featured in the New Zealand Listener and Music‭ ‬101(Radio NZ),‭ ‬and appeared on compilations by The Wire,‭ ‬Kraak,‭ ‬and Ultra Eczema.‭ ‬In‭ ‬2012‭ ‬he contributed to the book‭ ‘‬Erewhon Calling‭’‬,‭ ‬a survey of experimental music in New Zealand published by the Audio Foundation/CMR.‬‬

Thanks to Pat Kraus for accepting the Audio Foundation’s invitation to participate in the AF Winter Residency, special thanks to ASB Trust for supporting the AF Artist Residency Programme. There will be an open callout for proposals for the AF 2015 Summer Artist Residency, this callout will be announced in September 2014.

Kraus website: http://kraus.co.nz/index.html


Kraus put together a jam-packed programme of events throughout his Winter Residency, these events are listed below.


Timetable of events – documentation and images can be viewed via the links below:


Wednesday 6th August, 7:30pm

MOVIE NIGHT: Shockwaves (aka Almost Human, aka Death Corps)

Nazi Zombies!

Free entry, free snacks, starts at 7:30 SHARP


Thursday 7 August at 10:35 am

Kraus interview on bFM 95MHz Auckland

Listen here


Thursday 7th August, 7.30pm

Artist Talk: The Building Blocks of Electronic Music

In this talk I’ll cover the raw materials of analogue electronic music, including the basic waveforms, eg. white noise, triangle wave, pulse wave etc, and some important techniques, such as filtering and modulation. This talk will be light on theory, instead focusing on becoming familiar with the sounds themselves.

To be followed by a synthesizer performance, demonstrating the material covered in the talk.

Free entry


Friday 8th August, 8pm:

Feeding Frenzy Experimental Variety Night

Featuring Terracotta Cat, Saturnian Noise Collective, and Kraus


Saturday 9th August, 3:30pm

Basic Electronics Workshop: How to Solder

This workshop is now full. If you missed out, email me and I’ll put you on the list for an extra workshop to be held really soon.


Thursday 14th August

5:30pm Full pre-release listening of the forthcoming Kraus album “Interior Castle”

7pm Kraus video works, including the live video performance “Coronation St at Sea”

8pm MOVIE: The Skeptics Live at the Gluepot WITH SNACKS

All tonights events are free entry.

Courtesy of Nga Taonga Sound and Vision.


Friday 15th August, 8pm

Feeding Frenzy Experimental Variety Night

Featuring the Lower Bar Collective and more, plus a live orchestral performance of the Kraus composition “Dog on the Loose”.


Please bring an instrument and join in! It’s a two-note song, you can do it!


Saturday 16th August, 8pm at the Golden Dawn

Gary War (US), Purple Pilgrims and Kraus

Golden Dawn Tavern of Power, 134 Ponsonby Rd

$5 entry


Sunday 17th August, 10am 

Flute Making Workshop – presented by Kraus and Liam Bowen

“Ever wanted to make a flute, but don’t have the know how? In this workshop, I, Liam Bowen, will introduce you to the basic concepts of flute making, and will help you make a flute in your choice of key and with your choice of scale – either Tetratonic, Tritonic, or Pentatonic, you can see the attached image for explanations of the first two, which are essentially dividing the 12 semitones that make up an octave by 3 and 4 – as a result, flutes with these scales sound kinda clumsy, I guess the best way to explain it would be to say they sound kinda how finger painting looks.

Materials will be provided (bamboo of varying diameter), some tools will be provided, but if you are able to bring your own, that would be great. Here’s what will be needed – drills and bits, dremels, metal rods, files, hacksaws/tenon saws, rulers, sandpaper and sharpies. Bring a digital tuner too, if you have one. If you can’t bring your own tools, don’t worry, that’s fine too. Wear clothes that you can get sawdust on.

This workshop will run from 10am to 3pm (maybe ending sooner, depending on how much trouble people have), with a break for lunch in the middle. Bring your own snacks.

Totally free of charge, if you let us know if you’re gonna turn up in advance, that would be great! email me at liamarbowen@gmail.com to secure your place now”


Sunday 17th August, 6pm

MOVIE: Rebecca 2 (2011) plus Potluck and Atari Video Games

Rebecca 2 is trash camp b-grade melodrama staged in small town New Zealand. An INCREDIBLY rare screening of this amazing, hilarious, beautiful independent film by Anna Breckon, starring Daniel Satele as Kate Sinclair and Rachael Phyllis Gabor Duval as Rebecca.


Free entry, free snacks. Not suitable for children – contains some sex.