Worn Out’s Double Whammy 2016 @ AF – 14/05/2016

doublewhammy audiofoundation
wet nurses of sodom 05
wet nurses of sodom 04
wet nurses of sodom 03
wet nurses of sodom 02
wet nurses of sodom 01
naenae express 01
center neg 02
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biscuits 03
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biscuits 01
doublewhammy audiofoundationwet nurses of sodom 05wet nurses of sodom 04wet nurses of sodom 03wet nurses of sodom 02wet nurses of sodom 01naenae express 01center neg 02center neg 01biscuits 03biscuits 02biscuits 01

Worn Out’s Double Whammy Weekend is back for the second year in a row. Two sick nights and a day of cool tunes to keep ya moving and grooving all weekend long.

This year the collective have also added a day show to the mix to be held at here at Audio Foundation.

This will feature a showcase the work of some great music/gig poster illustrators/artists (Ahnand Unka, Alexander L. Brown, Chippy, Grant Sheridan, Lilly Alexandra, Roger Moore, Jess Dew, and Sera Helen), and performances from The Biscuits, Centre Negative, The Naenae Express, and Wet Nurses of Sodom.

Saturday 14 May @ Audio Foundation, doors open 2pm

The Biscuits

Center Negative

Wet Nurses of Sodom