Secret of Life presents The Humourseque Icons w / Gerard Crewdson (Wlgtn) – CD release, Daniel Beban (Wlgtn) / Paul Buckton, Nell Thomas (Wlgtn), Jonny Marks (Wlgtn) – 18/09/14

humouresque icons

Remarkarble Renaissance Man Gerard Crewdson joins The Humouresque Icons – Hermione Johnson and Jeff Henderson to release their limited edition album on Secret of Life.
Orchestra of Spheres string plucker Daniel Beban duets with Paul Bucktonand bandmate Nell Thomas floats ethereal moonbeams on glistening rivers of spiderwebs.
Open throated All Seeing Hand ululator Jonny Marks bursts upper partials and opens invisible portals whilst slurping yak fat soup.

The Humouresque Icons – Gerard Crewdson (brass) Hermione Johnson (prepared piano) Jeff Henderson (saxophones)

Daniel Beban (guitar) Paul Buckton (guitar)

Nell Thomas (theremin)

Jonny Marks (vocals)

8pm start, $5 entry