Screening: Todd Anderson-Kunert’s ‘A Conversational Exploration of Sonic Practice’ – 15/02/2018


In association with the first exhibition of the 2018 Gallery Programme, please join us for a one-off screening of Australian multi-disciplinary artist Todd Anderson-Kunert’s film, A Conversational Exploration of Sonic Practice.


Frequently after talking to another artist, Todd Anderson-Kunert found himself thinking of another question he would have liked to have asked them, but didn’t. This film is about what happened if he did ask those questions.

Between 2014 and 2017, in and around Melbourne, Australia, he conversed with a selection of 31 sonic artists, each time for 30 minutes. These conversations were edited down, each time finding a new question he wished he had of asked. This question was used as the starting point for the next conversation with a completely different artist. This documentary film follows that process.

The conversation engages with a variety of themes, including temporality, performance, fragility, recording, artistic development, and creative process. It also offers an insight into some of the experimental sound communities operating within Melbourne, Australia.



A Conversational Exploration of Sonic Practice – Documentary Trailer from todd anderson-kunert on Vimeo.


Thursday 15 February @ Audio Foundation
Doors open 8.00pm, koha at the door