Recognise Yr Destination screening – 18/02/2016

recognise yr destination

Theo MacDonald’s documentary film Recognise Yr Destination runs the length of David Bowie’s 1983 album ‘Let’s Dance’, an album derided as Bowie’s acquiescence to the demands of pop music, an end to ten years of experimentation with form and identity. Despite the view of quote, ‘hard-core’, Bowie fans, this was also Bowie’s best selling album, supported by the Serious Moonlight tour, the auckland show of which broke worldwide attendance records.

For the film’s author, this release represents the paradoxical obligation of the artist to satisfy dual audience desires for continuum and novelty; a vehicle with which an artistic consideration of fandom, personal image construction, and celebrity are possible.

The documentary contains interviews with fans of Bowie, interviews with those ambivalent towards Bowie, and excerpts from videos made by Theo MacDonald as he lived as David Bowie for three months in 2015.

Free at the Audio Foundation
8.00pm start.