Reading Around Sound – 27/06/15


Join us at the Audio Foundation for Reading Around Sound – a monthly reading group meeting. Each month we’ll meet up and discuss specific texts that present ideas, thoughts, and theories relating to sound activity. All are welcome to attend!

June’s reading is part II of Eyes of The Skin by Juhani Pallasmaa. Whilst strictly speaking an architectural text, it will serve to offer a point of entry to engage with questions of multi-sensorial perception and spatiality. Link to PDF:

For online discussion around these texts, and if you’d like to suggest a text for upcoming consideration please join the Reading Around Sound Facebook group:

Reading Around Sound is a monthly reading group that endeavours to facilitate theoretical and critical engagement with contemporary sonic practices and related issues through close reading, and ongoing discussion and debate. It is a shared initiative between the Auricle and the Audio Foundation with monthly events in both Auckland and Christchurch.

Special thanks to The Auricle and Richard B. Keys for organising this reading group series (, and to Sam Longmore for leading the Auckland Reading Around Sound group discussion.


Reading Around Sound (Auckland)

Saturday 27 June, 3pm start, free

Audio Foundation