SSC001, Q&A with Evelyn Ida Morris – 3/06/2016


We are very pleased and present the first of what we hope will be many Secondskin collective events, an evening of Q&A with Evelyn Ida Morris from LISTEN collective (Melb)!


Secondskin collective’s first event SSC001 is an informal discussion with Evelyn Ida Morris from Listen. Listen is a ‘dynamic team committed to bringing feminism and equality into music in Australia’. Secondskin looks to Listen as a role-model for what can be achieved when it comes to inclusivity and safer spaces in the local music scene. This discussion is for anyone who wishes to see changes in the Auckland music community and/or has the power to do so. We will start the event with opening questions to familiarise ourselves with how LISTEN started and what they have organised so far. Once this introduction has been established, attendees of the event are invited and encouraged to ask their own questions.

Secondskin’s next event ‘SSC002 Intro to Secondskin collective: A Panel Discussion’ will not only include conversations on existing progressive changes but will address the Auckland music scene directly. ‘The general context of the discussion will be women/LGBTQIA+/People of Colour and their participation within the Auckland/NZ music scene, and ways in which we can encourage more equal participation, as well as safer and more comfortable spaces for marginalised groups.



Secondskin collective is an organisation dedicated to giving a voice to marginalised people within the Auckland alternative music scene. Our events are safe environments where people can enjoy and educate themselves free from discrimination and harassment.

All our events will have safe space representatives who you can approach at any time.

Please be aware at all times of power dynamics, the space you occupy, and how it affects other people.

We have a zero­-tolerance policy for sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, and ableism. Some common ways these can be enacted at events include but are not limited to:

● Assuming people’s gender/pronouns or letting gender affect the way you treat people

● Touching people without their consent, consent is ongoing and can be revoked

● Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol is not an excuse for unacceptable behaviour, similarly be aware of how drugs and alcohol inhibit a person’s ability to consent

● Disrespecting people’s decision to stay sober and pressuring them to drink

● Making generalisations about minority groups which you are not a part of

● Getting in someone else’s personal space when you’ve been asked not to

● Pushing people and other threatening behaviours -­ please be aware of your body language and how it affects others

● Acting like you own the space; be aware that everyone has as much of a right to the space as you

● Making people feel visible, i.e staring at them, pointing, laughing


All allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and we also take “just being hurtful to people” seriously too.

We hope that this policy will help people to understand what their role is in creating a safer space.

Any concerns or enquiries can be sent to


An extended policy will be available soon.
Our collective’s organisational guidelines are available upon request.





Friday 3 June @ Audio Foundation, 5.00pm.