Pique Plastique 1 – 10/12/2020

PP 1

Siblings in sound Audio Foundation and Pyramid Club present a mini-festival featuring some of Aotearoa’s most exciting new and established sonic performance artists.

Featuring the powerhouse avant-Nesian collective BLOOD MOTHERS, Samara Alofa, Native Bush and drone/techno split personality CITASCY from Tāmaki Makaurau, Ōtepoti based multi-instrumentalist Ro Rushton-Green (Sewage), alongside Te Whanganui-a-Tara regulars Crone, Oghum, Isaac Smith, Rosie Langabeer, Ruby Solly and Daniel Beban, the series promises to spike activity in the brain network linked to emotional thinking, with simultaneous activity in different areas like the hippocampus and anterior cingulate cortex.

Festival info: http://www.audiofoundation.org.nz/festival/af-pyramid-club-present-pique-plastique


Ro Rushton Green / Isaac Smith / Rosie Langabeer
Samara Alofa / Ruby Solly


Samara Alofa is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Aotearoa, Tāmaki Makaurau. Samara’s enchanting soundscapes, stories of the past, future, and present, surreal visuals, and ritualistic rhythms/loops create new worlds. Their command over atmospheres transcend and reveal deep truths, that may leave you laid out on the floor or buzzing for more. Magnetic, enchanting, authentic and pure in purpose – Samara is one worth experiencing in the flesh.

Oghum is the insterstellar duo of Nell Thomas (Orchestra of Spheres, Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs) and Jonny Marks (All Seeing Hand, Mean Bones)

Isaac Smith is a double bass player extraordinaire, and is also very handy on tuba, banjo and many other instruments. An original member of Orchestra of Spheres, Fertility Festival, Warwick and the Wankers and more, Isaac spent a decade in Colombo where he was an integral part of the Sri Lankan contemporary music scene.

Ruby Solly (Kai Tahu, Waitaha, Kāti Māmoe) is a musician, writer, taonga pūoro practitioner, and music therapist living in Pōneke. She has played with artists such as Yo-yo Ma as part of his Bach Project, The New Zealand String Quartet, Trinity Roots, Whirimako Black, Orchestra Wellington, Al Fraser, and Ariana Tikao. She also works as a session musician and features as a cellist on over twenty different albums.

Hailed by the New York Times for her ability to time bend, Rosie Langabeer is a rare combination of musical intelligence and practice along with irreverence and risk-taking. A multi-award winner as a composer and performer, her wonderfully honest voice can make you want to cry and then she’ll sprinkle in some robot bird monsters.

Ro Rushton-Green is a multi-instrumentalist based in Dunedin. A consummate performer on violin, saxophones and voice Ro is a member of numerous bands including Sewage, Shape of a Mouth (with Hermione Johnson), Kro-Moon (with Kraus), Superstarz and more.


Thursday 10 December @ Pyramid Club, doors open 8pm
Presale tickets available from UTR