CANCELLED Opposite Sex, Kraus, Sean O’Reilly – 17/09/2016


With open arms we welcome back to AF stage…. OPPOSITE SEX, with support from KRAUS and SEAN O’REILLY

OPPOSITE SEX is one of those amazing pieces of ragged art that must be heard to be believed. At times this band sounds as though it is barely able to play, new to their instruments, while at others they display an idiosyncratic virtuosity which could be only matched by, say, Half Japanese (and then only on a good day). Elsewhere, they effortlessly toss out hypnotic cosmic, droning psychedelic rock, set a land speed records for gritty and discordant rock.

As strange as the being that is KRAUS is, they visit regularly from their orbiting vantage point. Nonetheless, they persist in baffling the sensibilities of all who they encounter.

SEAN O’REILLY picks up where left off after a confronting set during the Altmusic, Deep Days, Listening Nights fest.

Saturday 17 September @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8pm.
$10 // nopresales

Opposite Sex