Oksun Ox release w/ Ogadon (afternoon concert) – 8/08/2020


Audio Foundation is proud to host Oksun Ox for the release of ‘I Don’t Care I Already Told You’ on US based label Round Bale Recordings.


Oksun Ox is the one man band Funkin-glunkin-stomp project of Drorgan drummer Ben Holmes, serving up plenty of swagger and taking listeners on a double keys-driven ride into realms both catchy and wild on his sixteen track opus I Don’t Care I Already Told You.

When I think about Ben Holmes and his Oksun Ox music, I imagine the Minneapolis musician Prince, but if he grew up in Mangakino and he’s standing up on the Hydroelectric power station there, pointing down at the reservoir, really having something to yell DAM about. Ben isn’t actually from Mangakino either, but his music bubbles & stinks with the murky depths & humming life of any bloody river in Aotearoa. Also, the electricity & power he generates when you hear him shoots pretty sparks that could easily warm & comfort your house this NZ winter.

Oksun Ox songs are played solo in real time with two keyboards, a small guitar, a wooden stompbox, & some F/X dangling out of a cardboard box. The songs strut & celebrate the domestic & mundane as a majestic domain. Like a bull at a gate he stamps his foot & bellows a passionate croon in the thickest of NZ accents bragging about wasting his kids at cards. He plays keyboard notes with a plastic finger attached to the end of a tiny guitar which he is also playing. He frowns cos it gets funky. One keyboard is for worming boogaloo basslines while the other is for stumbling casio drum cracks played like a monkey at a typewriter. These primitive future bangers eddie & flow into gentler clattering interludes that are as curious as an eel in your pants. He has been putting this record together for years & its amongst the most unique, personal, purple & delicious music I’ve ever heard.
– Stefan Neville


Joined by Ogadon, Hermione Johnson’s synthesizer project with special guest Stefan Neville.


Saturday 8 August @ Audio Foundation, doors open 4pm