NOW HEAR THIS! Part 5 – Saturday 17 October

Reuben Derrick
Riki Gooch and Alistair Fraser
Ruby Solly 1
Ruby Solly 2
Stephen Bain
WHOLE FEST af webJO BReuben DerrickRiki Gooch and Alistair FraserRuby Solly 1Ruby Solly 2Stephen Bain

A festival of urgent sound, adventurous music and deep listening
13-18 October 2020


Stephen Bain: The Drifting Room (free), Musical Electronics Library showcase, Morphology, Jonny Marks, Al Fraser / Ruby Solly / Liam Bowen / Bonnie Stewart, Jo Burzynska, Knotted Throats (Hermione Johnson / Tom Callwood / Jeff Henderson)

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Stephen Bain is an artist and theatre-maker living on the slopes of Maungawhau in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland. His work includes performances for public spaces, including audio walks, theatrical shows and installations, many of which feature the audience as participants. He is currently interested in social thinking and exploring how group action unfolds in ordinary spaces.

The Drifting Room is a way of getting around the city without being noticed. Inspired by the drifting walks of the Letterist International collective, I formed a Drifting Club earlier this year where we met regularly to walk around the city with no destination in mind. The Drifting Room pushes this into something more structured, an attempt to become the built environment while also passing through it.

Places are limited, rsvp to reserve a spot. – Stephen Bain

The Musical Electronics Library of Auckland (M.E.L.) is a free lending library of homemade electronic musical devices in Auckland, New Zealand. For Now Here This! members of M.E.L. will offer a spatialized performance on hand made electronic instruments.

Morphology is a new group which explores free improvisation with music and art, featuring
Anna Kalatcheva -guitar, vocals
Tane Moore – double/electric bass
Joe Kaptein – keys
Morphology is joined by Christchurch based saxophonist and Sonic artist Reuben Derrick.
Reuben’s recorded work has been released by labels in NZ, the United States of America, and Australia, including God In The Music, Trapdoor Tapes and Big Sound.

Jonny Marks (Dodecahedrons, Flower Orphans, Microsoft Voices) is an experimental musician who specialises in extended vocal technique. His work draws on a wide range of traditions including Tuvan Throat Singing (Hooliin Chor, or over-tone singing), in which he was trained in northern China, as well has metal growls and operatic projection as evidenced in his performances with The All Seeing Hand.

Jonny Marks Throat Singing Master Class for RNZ

Alistair is a widely respected player, composer, and researcher of ngā taonga puoro with a performance background that enables him to provide a sensitivity that suits the intimate nature of these remarkable instruments.

Ruby Solly (Kai Tahu, Waitaha, Kāti Māmoe) is a musician, writer, taonga pūoro practitioner, and music therapist living in Pōneke. She has played with artists such as Yo-yo Ma as part of his Bach Project, The New Zealand String Quartet, Trinity Roots, Whirimako Black, Orchestra Wellington, Al Fraser, and Ariana Tikao. She also works as a session musician and features as a cellist on over twenty different albums.

Ruby is a taonga pūoro player and music therapist with a speciality in kaupapa Maori research and the use of taonga pūoro in acute mental health care. As a taonga pūoro player and therapist she is privileged to work around the country with people from all walks of life sharing the taonga of her ancestors.

She is currently studying towards a PHD in public health at Massey university looking at the use of taonga pūoro in hauora.

Liam Bowen is an Auckland-based musician and instrument maker with a background in playing and making traditional instruments, in particular those of Aotearoa, taonga pūoro.

Bonnie Stewart is a musician, improvisor and composer who moved from Dublin to Sydney in 2012. Performing drums, percussion and vocals, Bonnie is actively involved in a mix of self led and collaborative projects such as Bonniesongs, Crossover, Rebel Scum, Pheno, Prophets and the Splinter Orchestra.

Jo Burzynska, a.k.a. Stanier Black-Five, is a sound artist, wine writer and curator whose work in these areas has for a long time been interrelated and recently has come together in the form of a number of multi-sensory art projects. As a sound-artist she has exhibited, performed and released her work around the world.

Jo also managed the Auricle Sound Art Gallery in Christchurch, and is the author of many widely read wine columns.

Osmic Resonance audio-olfactory performance
Providing a balm for disconnected times, Jo will be performing a live version of Osmic Resonance, an audio-olfactory project that seeks to harness sympathetic vibrations between sounds, aromas, the senses, and the brain. Its soundscape utilises field recordings, and electromagnetic resonances that include those in the performance space captured live, as well as isochronic tones connected with relaxation and stimulation, some tuned to Schumann Resonance frequencies that echo those of the Earth. A scentscape diffused into the space combines with the sounds to create further crossmodal resonances, blended using findings from the field of aromachology and Jo’s recent doctoral research.

A firebrand trio of Hermione Johnson (prepared piano), Tom Callwood (double bass) and Jeff Henderson (saxophone).


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