NO CROWD PLEASERS: Sequentia, Ellay W & East – 08/12/2022

no crowd pleasers
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Audio Foundation presents No Crowd Pleasers…. A night of experimental DJing, a space for Disc Jockeys to express themselves explicitly through suturing disparate sounds and styles in a reevaluation of dance-floor expectations

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Sequentia – Backstage hype-queen attempts staggering recombinant possibilities

Ellay W – Ellay W is the moniker of deejay and promoter Lee Whall. Lee runs the club night Phys Ed, which showcases unprocessed forward thinking dance music to the ears of the forward thinking unprocessed Tāmaki club kidz.

East – East is a visual artist and DJ with a soft spot for combining electronic, experimental and ambient music with voice recordings and found sounds. East co-hosts ‘Happy*’ every Thursday on Mouthfull Radio.