Neil Feather – Nondo, with Rosie Langabeer, Phil Dadson & Tim Shacklock – 28/05/2022

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The Nondo is the “grand piano” of Neil Feather’s instruments. It consists of a large steel sheet that is strung lengthwise with music wire to create a shallow “U” curve similar to the base of a rocking chair. One end of the metal body has an obtuse bend for lateral rigidity.

The weight of the body and the tension of the strings create a balance that can be momentarily altered by pressing or lifting different points along the rigid end of the sheet. The strings are struck with mallets and can be dampened with fingers. The Nondo is most often played with a heavy steel rod rolling on top of the strings. The rod divides the strings into tones which change inversely as the rod swoops along the strings. Striking the middle of the rolling rod with a soft mallet produces a bright bell sound that immediately dissolves into a lush, unfurling choral sound, one rich with phase-shifting harmonics.

Neil performs on the Nondo with:
Rosie Langabeer (accordion/instruments)
Phil Dadson (invented instruments)
Tim Shacklock (bass)

Saturday 28 May @ Audio Foundation, 4PM
$20 waged or $10 unwaged on the door or from UTR