Neil Feather (USA), Phil Dadson, Sophie Sutherland, John Radford, Ivan Mršić, Noel Meek, Rosie Langabeer – 4/03/2020

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Sound Mechanic Neil Feather has been creating radical and unusual musical instruments since 1970 and is increasingly known as one of the most original musical thinkers of his day. His instruments each embody uniquely clever acoustic and engineering principles and are visually arresting. The music he plays on the instruments is equally original, embodying new principles and resulting in a nearly alien idiom of music.


Neil Feather has been involved in Baltimore’s fertile and eccentric culture since moving there in 1985. He was a founding member of the Red Room Collective and the High Zero Foundation, a group committed to the presentation of experimental and improvised music. He has a long history of collaborative projects and solo concerts.

Neil will perform collaborative sets with local musicians, instrument builders and performers Phil Dadson (From Scratch), Sophie Sutherland (Slitopia, Lesbian Death Sluts From Hell), Ivan Mršić (Projection Band), John Radford (Graft), Noel Meek (End of the Alphabet), and Jim Langabeer (legend).


Wednesday 4 March @ Audio Foundation
doors open 8pm
tickets available form