Nathan Thompson w/ Rachel Shearer, Mitch & Takuni – 3/10/14

thompson publicity shot cropped

Nathan Thompson is an artist and musician from New Zealand, now based in Austinmer, NSW. His research explores relationships between time, sound, noise and signal through an object-based approach to systems and cybernetics. Recently he exhibited in Drawn From Sound curated by Cat Hope at Spectrum Gallery, Perth (2013) and the Australia Council, Sydney (2014).  He has performed both solo under the name Expansion Bay and in collaboration with Sandoz Lab Technicians, Eye and Sleep, and featured regularly in the Lines of Flight festival in Dunedin NZ. He has released music on numerous labels including Corpus Hermeticum, Last Visible Dog, CPSIP and Siltbreeze. He has presented work at festivals including Space and Place Stockholm (2006) and ISEA Singapore in Cloudland: Digital Art from Aotearoa (2008). He continues to explore new possibilities within sound, object-based composition and improvisation, and is currently working on a PhD in experimental sound installation at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Rachel Shearer has a number of influential music groups under her belt including Angelhead, Queen Meanie Puss and her solo Lovely Midget project (releasing records via such pivotal labels as Xpressway, Siltbreeze, Ecstatic Peace!, Corpus Hermeticum and more). Shearer has since developed a public sound art installation practice with a number of long term installation works dotted around Auckland, and presently performs live under her own name. CIRCUIT artist page:

Mitch & Takuni – Auckland-based drum machine / synths / guitar noisy psychedelic duo

Image by Markus Gradwhol