AF + Pyramid Club present: Monicker (CAN/ London) North Island Tour

Scott Thompson
Arthur Bull
Roger Turner
Scott ThompsonArthur BullRoger Turner

Audio Foundation in association with the Pyramid Club proudly presents the ear-tingling improvisatory veteran trio Monicker all the way from Canada via London for their 2020 North Island Tour.

Monicker comprises of legendary junk drummer Roger Turner (London), guitarist Arthur Bull (Nova Scotia) and trombonist Scott Thomson (Montréal). Their freely improvised music moves rapidly by way of subtle responsiveness, the playful undermining of instrumental hierarchies, and an idiosyncratic internal propulsion. The trio has two records, both from their 2018 tour of Eastern Canada: Spine (Ambiances Magnétiques, studio recording) and Libr’aerie (Bug Incision, live recording).

“…a high-water mark in Canadian free improvisation.” – Stuart Broomer

Listen to Monicker here.

Monicker NZ Tour
Tuesday 4 February: Parnell Train Station, Auckland
Wednesday 5 February: Improvisations and collaborations with local musicians, Audio Foundation, Auckland
Friday 7 February: Pyramid Club, Wellington
Saturday 8 February: Pyramid Club, Wellington