M.E.L. Composer in Residence: Renee Barrance – 15/08/2020


Presenting the Musical Electronics Library “Composer in Residence” Series, this week featuring Renee Barrance.

In this series we invite local electronic artists to perform music during MEL library hours, providing office ambience and a chance to discuss their work in person.


Renee Barrance’s music of the last couple of years has revolved around an obsession with developing a synth-based drone palette made of some pretty nightmarish stuff. Since her band Ov Pain swerved off into experimentalism Barrance has focused on melding her slow-moving meditative sound approach with a fluid range of the shadier side of the musical/emotion spectrum.


Please join us to enjoy the music, and chat to Renee about her work and gear.

Saturday 15 August @ AF, from 2pm
Free // donations welcomed