M.E.L. workshop: Pingu’s MIDI Controller – 14/11/2020


Please join us for a presentation on the latest box in the M.E.L. collection: Pingu’s MIDI Controller.


Pingu’s MIDI Controller is a MIDI CC controller box created by MEL volunteer Jimmy Solórzano. It is meant to be used as a hands-on control tool for music software such as VCV Rack, Max/MSP or any software with MIDI CC capabilities.

In this presentation Jimmy will give a detailed explanation on how to use the controller and set it up on different scenarios. He will focus on creative ideas to use MIDI as a form of modulation and control in modular software such as VCV Rack. He will also talk about programming for Arduino, Max for Live and the electronics behind it.

The presentation is free and everyone is welcome to come.
We encourage our DIY music friends to join us!

The controller will be available at M.E.L. as part of the VHS DIY collection.


Saturday 14 November @ AF, from 1pm
Koha appreciated