Luke Rowell (Disasteradio / Eyeliner) workshop *CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS* – 24/08/13


Apologies to all wishing to attend but due to illness, we have had to cancel this event.

Presets as Found Sound -or- The Freedom of Following Rules

What if, for the purposes of creating, making music was not about you?

Could the notion of artistic autonomy be the very thing that prevents us from creating?

Throughout my 15-year experience of sequencing and performing electronic pop, mostly through my main project Disasteradio, I’ve come to many pitfalls. Some songs sit unfinished on my hard disk after literally years of on-and-off work.

There are many benefits espoused to limitations in music creation: hardware, vintage equipment, acoustic instruments – but I have discovered a new joy in thinking up new conceptual limitations.

Making genre pastiches is a low-intensity activity that provides some of the satisfactions of art-making (the craft side, the technical challenges of getting a period sounds) without the more challenging and draining aspect (the spark of inspiration, the envisioning of something-new-under-the-sun).’
Simon Reynolds – Energy Flash: A Journey Through Rave Music and Dance Culture.

I’ll be discussing these notions which compelled me to write music in a presentation concerning my recent side-project Eyeliner, which I wrote, mixed, and mastered an album for in three weeks. Eyeliner is a “very easy listening” electronic project informed by James Ferraro’s “Far Side Virtual”, Vaporwave and the releases of 1980s German electronic label Innovative Communication.

Luke Rowell is a computer musician and synthesizer performer who has played in over 20 countries and released 11 pop albums as Disasteradio, Eyeliner and Super Doobie Bros. He has studied sonic arts, composition and musicology and Victoria University in Wellington.

Bandcamp links to all projects are available @

This workshop will be followed by an evening performance featuring Eyeliner, Lavender (Leno Lovecraft) and SoccerPractise (Moppy).

Saturday 24 August
2pm start
$5 entry
Audio Foundation